VibroSORB™ is an active component of our products created via state-of-the-art mineral activation technology – the patented VAM technology. It is such Croatian technology that has achieved international success and has scientifically been proven with numerous successes in its practical application.

The activation of minerals means strengthening their natural properties in order to make their commercial use much more beneficial. Vibro activated minerals are more active in comparison to minerals processed by other known activation methods, which means that they are far more effective.

Minerals used as basic raw materials –pure natural mineral rock of volcanic origin – clinoptilolite, gain some new properties during the activation process, and apart from the chemical composition, there are no other similarities between VibroSORB™ and conventional minerals or minerals processed by other methods.

VibroSORB™ is the only such product in the world that contains a bioactive SilScan™ system to detect harmful organisms which acts as a natural antiviral program due to the activated silicon.

The result of the overall activity of any product that contains VibroSORB™ is a naturally strengthened immunity and a better condition of the body in general.