Does the product dissolve in water?

It is recommended to sprinkle or mix the product into food since it cannot dissolve in water.

What does it taste like?

The products have a natural, neutral taste. According to the past experiences of our customers, all feedback has been positive.

Should we have something in mind when adding this product to pet food?

Provide pets with a sufficient amount of available water. The product will be better utilised and easier to extract from the body, along with harmful substances that it permanently binds to.

What is the expiry date of the product?

The shelf life is 5 years. We guarantee that within the stated period all products remain 100% preserved and unchanged.

Note: The date of production is specified on the cover!!!

Are there any side-effects?

VibroSORB™ PETS is an entirely natural product line and no side effects have been noted.

Is there a possibility of overdose?

Even in case your pet consumes the entire bottle at once, there will be no harmful effects!

Why are VibroSORB™ products different?

Although seemingly the same, the active substance of VibroSORB™ has been activated to meet the specifics and needs of each breed. The ultimate goal of all the products is the same - to improve the quality and indirectly extend the lifespan of all pets.