VibroSORB™ Feline

VibroSORB™ Feline is a 100% natural dietary supplement intended for the better quality and longer lifespan of cats. Thanks to its unique function, VibroSORB™ Feline has got a powerful detoxifying effect
VibroSORB™ Feline

It stimulates the immune system, is rich in essential minerals and increases the usability of basic nutrition.

A powerful detoxifying effects

VibroSORB™ Feline effectively removes harmful substances from the body, including free radicals, mycotoxins, even viruses and bacteria (as proven by scientific research). The product acts in a way to detect a potential problem with the smart bioactive SilScan™ recognition system and then bonds the harmful substances deeper into its structures, as well as extracts them from the body through the natural cleansing process.

Stimulates the immune system

VibroSORB™ Feline stimulates the flow of signals through its action, naturally strengthening the immune system and supporting the body’s natural defence mechanisms. The result equates to better resistance and better animal health.

Increases the usability of basic nutrition

The positive effects of detoxification and a stronger immune system result in the better functioning of organs, including the digestive system, making VibroSORB™ Feline directly impact on the better utilisation of nutrients from food entering the body. In humans, the effect of improved immunity is recognised through a ‘better appetite’. However, in animals, if always given the same amount of food, it will only result in an improved body condition.

Rich in essential minerals

VibroSORB™ Feline is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. By entering the body, thanks to the globally unique vibro activation of minerals, they become much more useful. These minerals play a significant role in the mineralisation of bones and teeth, the nervous system, health preservation of the heart, and many other vital processes in the body.

VibroSORB™ Feline is a 100% natural nutrition supplement and can be used continuously.

Composition: 100% VAM Activated Clinoptilolite (Silicon, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium)

Detailed usage of the product and accompanying instructions are listed in the flyer that you can download in the DOWNLOAD ZONE underneath the text.

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